Adventure Activities for Schools & Youth Groups

North Wales Active is a fully licensed & Insured adventure activity provider for Schools & Youth groups

 We offer...

  •     Gorge Walking
  •     Canyoning
  •     Coasteering
  •     Mountain walking
  •     Navigation
  •     Scrambling
  •     Climbing
  •     Abseiling
  •     Canoeing
  •     Orienteering
  •     Nature walks & talks
  •     Kayaking


We have the best ratios of instructor to student, meaning your group will recieve better safety and instruction.


  • Gorge 1:10
  • Mountain Walking 1:10
  • Coasteering 1:10
  • Canyoning 1:8
  • Scrambling 1:6
  • Climbing 1:10
  • Navigation 1:10
  • Abseiling 1:10
  • Canoeing 1:9
  • Orienteering 1:10

Adventure Options

1 Day

We can offer 2 - 4 Activities.

Group size 20 - 100 students.

Costs are £40 p.p for half day and £50 p.p for the full day.


Activity Descriptions below

3 Day

We can offer 4 - 6 Activities.

Group size 20 - 100 students.

Costs are £45 p.p.p.d


Activity Descriptions below

5 Day

We can offer 6 - 10 Activities.

Group size 20 - 100 students.

Costs are £45 p.p.p.d


Activity Descriptions below

Activity Information

Gorge Walking & Scrambling


What is Gorge Walking... Gorge Walking is scrambling, climbing, abseiling, rock hopping, jumping in to water, swimming and squeezing your way up or down a gorge. This can be physically demanding depending on the Gorge and weather.

This is one of our most popular activities. To get an idea take a look at our video & Photo page.


Why North Wales Active...We are the only company in North Wales that offers completly private and bespoke Adventure Activity courses, we also run 1 of the best Gorges in North Wales.

We offer Adventure Activity Courses with your own personal experienced and qualified instructor, meaning we dont mix groups, we use quality equiptment and of course the best locations for each activity possible.


We have the best ratios in North Wales of 1:10 for this activity meaning you will recieve better quality instruction.



                                                                                 This is a great wet & dry weather activity!



What is Coasteering... Coasteering is Climbing, scrambling, swimming, jumping and exploring your way around the sea cliffs of Anglesey, North Wales.


This is a great wet and dry weather activity!


Coasteering Routes

We have 2 main Coasteering routes, both start & finish at porth dafarch, Which in its self is a beautiful beach. Coasteering is one of our most popular activities. This is an ideal way to see the amazing anglesey coastline.

On our Coasteering Courses we have very experienced and qualified instructors that have explored and worked on these coastlines through all tidal levels and in all weather.

Coasteering jumps range from sea level - 30ft, these are not all essential to do so start off low and build up to a level that suits you.

Swimming distances's vary and again are not essential to complete the course but Being able to swim 25 metres is essential.

All our Coasteering is located on the beautiful Anglesey coastline in North Wales. Age range 12-100!


Again We have the best ratios in North Wales of 1:10 for this activity meaning you will recieve better quality instruction.


Climbing & Abseiling


North Wales Active climbing courses are for people trying climbing for the first time or just want a fun session learning the basics.


Why North Wales Active...We only employ highly qualified and experienced instructors. We use quality equipment and the best locations possible.


North Wales Climbing has become very popular over the last few years due to it being very accessible to all abilities, Limited driving time, good indoor climbing walls, amazing scenery, nice bars and restaurants and professional guides. 


Mountain walking & Scrambling


North Wales Active Mountain Walking & Scrambling days... Let us guide you over the most beautiful hills and mountains in the UK. We can guide or instruct anywhere in the UK or abroad but we know north Wales like the back of our hand


Insurance & Instructors... We are a fully insured company and only use instructors with personal insurance and the correct qualifications.




Below is our recommended list but We can help out with technical equipment.



  • Sturdy footware (Walking shoes/Boots)
  • Waterproofs
  • Warm clothing
  • Food & Water
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Spare socks
  • Rucksack



  • Map & Compass
  • G.P.S
  • Walking poles
  • Phone
  • Gaters

Mixed adventure days


Our mixed days are combining 1 or 2 activites on the same day or 3-8 Activities over a period of 5 days. All our activities are completly bespoke for your School/College.


Please contact the office for prices for any of the above activities.


Office - 07800 666 895



Courses and Activities Abroad


We can offer...

  • Climbing courses
  • Canyoning
  • Via Ferrata
  • Mountain Walking & Scrambling


All this can be done in Spain, France, Middle East & Italy.


Just contact the office for more information -  Tel: 07800 666 895



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